Your Mondays Say A Lot About You


If you’re reading this, you might be sitting in your office, sipping your second cup of coffee for the day. Or, maybe you’re having some lunch, and getting caught up on your phone. Well, since you’re here, there’s something I’d like to tell you.

I LOVE Mondays. I even have a coffee mug that says “I LOVE MONDAYS!” on it….and a cute picture of a puppy below it.

You see, I’ve come to the conclusion that Mondays carry a lot of power when it comes to setting the trajectory for the rest of your week. Many people get the Monday Blues because the weekend’s finished and now its back to work. But, I have personally found that if my Mondays are productive and I stay positive, my Tuesday is great, my Wednesday is even better, my Thursday is awesome and my Friday …well, Friday speaks for itself!

The temptation to firmly press down on the dreaded ‘snooze’ button and roll onto your other side early Monday morning is strong, to say the least. But, if you think about it, what are you actually gaining from those extra 20 minutes of lying in bed? Chances are, you’re probably not even sleeping because now you’re awake and starting to think about your day.

Instead, those 20 minutes could have been spent making a healthy breakfast, writing in a journal, going for a walk or reading a chapter of your favorite book. I can GUARANTEE you, all these things will leave you feeling much more energized and refreshed to start your week.

Something I’ve now started doing on Monday mornings is a workout. Now, it’s understandable that these are busy times and you might have kids to drop off at school or even go to work. Or, you might finish work late and miss your normal gym time because of that report that just had to be sent in this afternoon.

I’d like you to know that any of these reasons shouldn’t hold you back from sculpting those arms and building those quads! Life is busy and it’s not your fault that you have a full time job, need to pick up the kids, make dinner and walk the dog. But there comes a time when your health should be prioritized, just by working smarter. That’s why I’ve created an Online Coaching Program, which you can follow from the comfort of your own home, maybe even from your living room.

Our Online Coaching Program is designed to accommodate any schedule and can be accessed through the free app. We don’t think it’s fair that you have to miss out on community, so we’re bringing it to you. Every week, we’ll have Zoom Coaching, which helps keep you accountable and on track! Each day, you’ll have access to your customized daily program centered around your goals and certified trainers ready to answer all your questions. We’ll even provide you with  custom nutrition programming, with food plans and calculated macros, eliminating the guesswork completely.

Providing for your family shouldn’t cost you your physical health. Take action and click the button below to find out more about our Online Coaching Program and how it can be the start of your meaningful Monday morning routine.


Snez V.

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