I dont mean to offend you, but…


You will come across people in your life who will say things that hurt you. Sometimes they won’t mean it hurtfully, but other times, their intentions might not be so honorable.

Today, I’ll share with you how to gracefully deal with people who offend you, which will help you handle literally everything coming your way.

Let’s say, someone says something offensive to you. Maybe it’s a comment about you or about someone you know and it gets under your skin. You have 3 options on how to respond.

Option 1: Be deeply offended and allow it to ruin your day.

Option 2: Go and talk to the person who has offended you. Try to understand and figure out why they’ve said it. This will at least give you some clarity about the reasoning that influenced their comments, but it probably won’t make you feel better.

Option 3: Ask yourself, ‘why has triggered me? Is it true, or is it just an opinion?’ Really try to get to the bottom of why it has made you feel this way. This approach has the potential to bring to your attention areas where you might be lacking. So, instead of feeling hurt and offended by someone’s comment, see it as an opportunity to improve and refine yourself.

When you develop this ability to turn sensitivity into productivity, you become more resilient, more focussed and have a clear sense of who you are and what your purpose is. This is why I train so hard in my workouts because I want to become more resilient and able to withstand immense pressure. There is no better way to develop this than to push yourself beyond your physical ‘limits’.

This is also why I offer 1:1 coaching where I personally help YOU push past your physical barriers and break down what has been holding you back. Take a look at this here.

Like I always say, awareness breeds change. 

So, I strongly encourage you, take this approach of turning someone’s “offensive” comment into the beginning of unlocking your 10.0 self in life.

Keep grinding,

Snez V.


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