Did You Go To Victimhood?


Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and truly saw yourself? What did you see? Did you see the person you want to see?

Over the last week, I have done a lot of reflecting. I’m sorry I haven’t sent you one of these sooner, times got crazy, and carrying my laptop with me was hard enough let alone sitting down somewhere to write something out.

I went to Tampa, Florida. That place is cool, it reminds me of where I am from, Canberra. Except 100x is better. I mean the size is honestly the only thing that reminds me of it and maybe fewer people. Tampa had some great restaurants, easy to get around, and some really really nice people. I was fortunate enough to sit with a guy who is truly next level and dive deeper into personal development. I’ll be releasing that podcast next week.

After that, I went to Utah. Where I got to listen to David Goggins, Tim Grover, Ed Mylett, Any Frisella, and a bunch more high-profile names in the industry. They all shared great messages, but the key message across them all was this. If you limit yourself, you will go nowhere.

You just can’t. You have to place a level of belief in yourself that can truly help you overcome your limiting beliefs. Now, I see people who act like they believe in themselves, let me say that again. They ACT as they do. In other words, these are the EGO-DRIVEN fake till they make. I can assure you that you will not make a damn thing. Just don’t go there.

Belief is something that takes time to build. It takes a lot of consistent effort to stack wins, to reflect on losses, to make right your wrongs, to build what breaks. All these aspects are what create the belief system.

I share this with you because when I didn’t believe in myself, I had to build it, and that took so long to do. Now, I see people taking the first step, they may start the gym, they may try a podcast, they might start a Nutrition plan but they don’t continue, and when they don’t continue they fall into victimhood. They got a taste of what belief/confidence can feel like and when they couldn’t continue, it was someone or something else that got in the way. Ultimately they were always in the way.

You have to commit. You have to make that promise to yourself. KEEP IT.

I love working with clients and coaches to help them with this. One thing that has really gone out the window is accountability. No one wants it anymore yet it is the most powerful concept to help you win. This is why you have a coach, a mentor, a real friend. They hold you accountable to the standard that you know you can be at. If you get mad, that’s because you feel short, not them (unless they suck at what they are meant to do).

If you are ready to step up your game, let’s do this. Better training, better nutrition, better habits, better mentality. Better YOU. CLICK HERE to apply.

Snez V.


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