Strength and conditioning classes in Brea, CA

Strength and Conditioning Classes (Strength Training)

In Brea CA, Uses Simple Yet Effective Training and Instruction in our State-of-the-Art Gym

Our Strength and Conditioning Classes (also known as Strength Training) at our Brea gym facility are designed to improve your muscular strength, power, and endurance. Our classes involve exercises such as weight lifting, bodyweight exercises, resistance training, and plyometrics. These exercises are designed to target specific muscle groups and improve overall athletic performance, including speed, power, agility, and endurance.

The strongest people are not always the strongest lifters. It’s the people who have the strongest understanding of the lift, and the proper positions that ultimately lift the most weight! That is why our simple – but highly effective – training and instruction is so crucial. We know how to train people in terms that are easy to understand and easy to execute.

The Benefits of Our Strength and Conditioning (Strength Training) Classes

Our strength training and conditioning classes will increase your muscle mass, improve bone density, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Other benefits include:

Increased Strength

The focus on heavy, compound movements in powerlifting can help to increase overall strength.

Improved Muscle Mass

Powerlifting involves lifting heavy weights, which can help to build muscle mass and increase muscular hypertrophy.

Improved Bone Density

Resistance training, such as powerlifting, has been shown to increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Improved Joint Health

Powerlifting can help to strengthen the muscles around the joints, reducing the risk of injury.

Mental Health Benefits

Powerlifting can also have mental health benefits, such as increased self-esteem and confidence.

Strength and conditioning program in Brea, CA

Did you know?

Strength and conditioning programs are often used by athletes in a variety of sports to improve their performance and reduce the risk of injury – and can also be extremely beneficial for you too as they improve your general fitness and overall health.

Since strength and conditioning training requires discipline and consistency, a positive attitude is a must! We know that if you are positive and motivated, you will be more likely to stick with the program and see results. That is where the group dynamic and the team vibe really comes into play. Our coaches and your fellow members here will keep you energized and engaged for maximum success!

Our Group Training Program Offers

Expert Coaches

All of our coaches must pass a rigorous certification process before leading group classes. This ensures that you stay safe and injury-free.


After a while, you’ll find that our workouts feel like a game. Many of our clients say that they look forward to coming to the gym for the first time in their life.


Group training provides you with an instant network of training partners to hold you accountable and cheer you on when the going gets tough.


Our routines are constantly varied, so you can do them for years without plateauing. This is a routine you can stick to day in and day out, which will give you the results you’re looking for.


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