Why, Why, Why?


Seriously why do people devalue themselves? They live their life so accordingly to their worth it’s insane, not to mention sad.

Your self-worth is carried around in the decisions you make every day. Here is the harsh truth, you are making shitty decisions. You might not agree, but if I looked at your life in its entirety, I can tell you now that the choices you make add more to the LACK OF SELF than they do to the MORE SELF-WORTH chart.

Let’s start with how you treat your body. Do you eat right, I’m not asking if you eat well, because those who say they eat well, the lie detector test said.. “that is a lie”. When you don’t put the right food into your body, you ultimately don’t care how it operates, how it feels, how it looks, and what it can do. You don’t value it, therefore you don’t find yourself worthy of feeling like a f$#king boss.

What about workouts? Everyone says they work out. They say “I go for walks” or “I do the sauna and I stretch”. Let’s take a step back for a second. You are MEANT TO WALK, it’s actually part of life, it’s not a “workout”, and, that stretch routine, yeah also, not a workout. Plus, I see so many people sandbagging their workouts like you don’t work hard, you go to the gym to hang out. You don’t put in the extra weight, the extra reps, the extra mile. Stop tripping. The reason why you do this is that you don’t value yourself enough to put the hard work in, therefore you think you are worthy.

How about the job you don’t like to do? You wish for Friday every Monday, you can’t wait for the weekend. But hey, it gives you good pay, you can collect those “hard-earned” dollars and pay to play on the weekend. Let me explain something to you.

I worked for the Department of Health, with the Australian Government. By far the worst job I have ever had. I loved being a cashier at a grocery store more than working for the Department of Health who, actually don’t have a clue about health. It brought me great money, but I was finding myself staring at the clock waiting for that coffee break, that lunch hour, and the time to go home more than I care about ANY of the work I was doing. The point here is, people will settle for a mediocre job, that give either mediocre pay or even worse a bad level of pay just to get paid. WHY? Because you aren’t willing to put in the time, the effort, the sacrifice for something bigger, I don’t know, umm… like your actual aspirations.

What are your relationships like? If you settle for s#$t then that is essentially what you are going to get. If your other is the basic level, doesn’t care about anything, doesn’t align with you, doesn’t want you to win, and isn’t your biggest fan, I hate to break it to you but that is speaking volumes about how much you value yourself. You need someone in your corner that tries hard to keep up with you. Someone who wants you to win because you want yourself to win. That person shows up when you need them to, they align, they value you, and push you to your true potential. DON’T YOU SETTLE.

Last, but not least, how you do anything is how you do everything. I’m going to keep this simple. Clean your house, clean your car, have a morning routine, and present yourself as you care about yourself. Stop being sloppy, dirty, and messy, and above all show up like you are actually confident (SERIOUSLY).

These things matter, they say a lot about you. When I meet someone and shake their hand, the first thought that I want to go in their head is “This girl is disciplined, she presents herself, and I can rely on her”. That’s the impression I want to make.

But, now, all those who are all over the whole “Don’t care what people think” movement, I’m telling you that you should care what people think. Mostly because it says a lot about you and if you actually care about yourself.

I bet you are reading up until this point and thinking, oh wow I know so many people like that. Well, the sad truth is this. They lack self-worth. They are insecure and don’t carry that inner strength they deserve to carry. Either that or this hits you and you hate me now.

So, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change any GIVEN MOMENT you choose. That moment where you decide, you know what I am worth more, I want to be more therefore I will be more.

Why not create that, why not become that, why not allow for that?


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See on the flip side.

Snez V.

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