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Why do we harp on Never Miss a Monday? Because the core focus and start to a good week can literally CHANGE your results.

When you start strong for the week you are set up for success. Rather than missing and having to chase.

Let’s talk about where this comes from. Aree, who was working 2 jobs, one close and the other about 45 minutes to an hour away from the gym, had many responsibilities and was struggling to manage her time. Getting to the gym, eating well, and focusing on strong habits was a task and a half for her. She just couldn’t find her rhythm.

Her body started to suffer because of this. She would get aches and pains, she didn’t like the way she looked in the mirror. She would complain and winge over and over again. She sucked, and she sucked a lot at figuring it all out. Then she flipped the switch. She made a commitment and a promise to herself. That she would “Never miss a Monday”. Her whole concept was to hold herself accountable and to set that goal and target for herself. When she did this, she did it loud, she made it a thing at Ausletics and on her social media.

So today, I am going to ask you about your Never Miss a Monday, and I am here to hold you accountable for it. Snap a photo of you working out, the gym, the equipment, or something, and Tag @ausletics and Aree @surelyaree to share the LOVE and ACCOUNTABILITY for this.


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