Why negative people lose


Did you know I get negative comments on my social media posts? I get people who basically shit on what I put out there. They will degrade my content. This is even in regard to teaching a movement. I had someone comment on a bar muscle-up video pathetic that if this was real, he that It was so is Santa Claus.


But, here is what I do. I got straight to their profile, get the facts then slide into their dm and say the following. You come onto my profile, a place where I dedicate myself to helping people and you bring your negative and unwanted energy to it. No one asked for your opinion. Be better than that.

I take the time to correct these foolish people because they go around on profiles doing it all the time and I know their comments just get deleted and they carry on to the next profile. How can someone correct their behavior if they aren’t even aware of it? I, on the other hand, will speak up and help them.

The other thing I add is this, no one respects a person that goes around being negative. No one.

This is why I love the concept that Aree does on Wednesdays. We wear Pink. If you don’t follow her go check her out @surelyaree on ig. She has 3 consistent concepts that speak volumes about her. I touched on the Never Miss a Monday. The next one I share with you is On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. This all started because Aree was self-conscious and scared to be her true self and put herself out there. She chose a loud and bright color and decided she would wear it one day per week and let that show her strength.

The main reason I share this with you is that people walk around negatively, they are negative because they lack confidence, they have an ego, they lack kindness and they are filled with pride. They lose, every day. Then, you have those who are filled with kindness, with joy, with a better version of themselves striving for more, and they win. 

Today, wear your pink and stand out to those who need to see kindness lead the way and not the opposite.

Tag @ausletics and @surelyaree when you snap a selfie. Let’s make some noise. 

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