When I Met Bedros Keuilian


Last week I sat down with my mentor Bedros Keuilian. For those of you that don’t know him, he has 8 businesses, written the book “Man Up” and helps people reach new levels of success.

I met him last year in June, he didn’t know me, I was just part of the audience, I was no one to him.

Over the course of time, that handshake I had with him changed everything for me. I remember when I went up to him, the way he presented himself was unlike anyone else I have met. His handshake said it all, he also made eye contact and changed his posture to make me feel welcome. I bet you are thinking, what, how? If you ever come across this Man you will understand what I mean. That’s what influential people do, they have a presence about them and when you come into contact with that you get a very different feeling.

Over time, as I grew in myself, I also grew in the standard of people around me. I started to recognize who were the people in my life that were holding me back, who were pulling me down, and who made me compromise myself.

You are who you surround yourself with. Don’t believe me? Look at the people closest to you, what are their habits and behaviors? Now ask yourself (in an honest way), what are your habits and behaviors, do they resemble them? You might be thinking they don’t, by I can assure you as an outsider looking in, you do.

Let’s look at someone’s examples. People around you are indecisive, you become indecisive. They don’t set goals for themselves, you don’t. They like their Sunday sleep-ins, so you do too. They have excuses for things, then you do.

It is possible for you to not be completely the same, but a lot of what they do you will.

One of my Coaches, Sharon. Is someone I get to spend time with. Yesterday we did an insane workout, it took us an hour. During it, I told her I was dragging my a$$. I didn’t fuel myself right for a workout like that. She said she hadn’t either.

So during the workout, her self-talk was this “Oh you’re tired.. Good. Oh, you don’t have energy.. Good. Oh, your legs hurt.. Good.”

I share this with you because when I am surrounded by someone who has such a high standard for herself, who openly will encourage and embrace a struggle IN THAT MOMENT, it influences me.

So, as I sit with Bedros and I listen to him, I come to understand his ways. I see the traits and aspects that I would like to obtain. By learning and growing and being around him, I can do that. He teaches me leadership in a way that no one else can.

My goal for being around high-level people is purposeful. It forces me to raise my own bar, to step up into a new level and world that I am tested in.

So, I am asking you, who are your surroundings? Do they carry the traits you wish to have or wish to avoid? Only you know that.

If you want to share with me what characteristics you want to obtain, shoot me a reply and let me know what they are.

Snez V.

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