What Do You Care About? Honestly?


Every day, I start it off with gratitude. It’s important for me to show that because I am not self-made, none of us are.

What we have power over is how the story goes for us. At least that’s what I believe.

When I meet someone, I want the impression to really be loud. I want them to think I’m disciplined, I work hard, I am reliable and I care. That’s what I aim for when I go to reach out for a handshake. That moment I want there to be a story they are told before I say too much. How can I tell them a story in such a short time? My presence and attitude.

My presence is held in how I present myself. Being fit tells someone that I care about my body and also, I care about my life. I want to be around, for a long time and experience as much as possible. This also carries over to Nutrition, because if I look fit then I clearly eat right to add to that. This shows dedication and discipline. My handshake is not overly strong but it’s strong enough to say that I push myself and I lead my own life. Last, I look straight at them and ensure they know I’m present, that is when I want them to feel like I care.

You might be thinking, why do you care what others think so much? Well, you have to if you want to change the world. You have to care what others think because otherwise, you will be alone, angry, and just a selfish person.

It’s not even really about what they think. It’s about creating a perception that lasts. You want that perception to be clear and concise. So that, when someone needs something, they feel they can call on you.

If you aren’t that, I can tell you why you keep projecting your shortcomings onto the world.

You can change that at any point. You can change anything at any point. I want you to feel like that is possible. I say this because I care. I have recently told several people how much I want them to win. This is whatever WINS they want.

So, here I will ask you, what are the wins you want? What are you striving for? I want to encourage you to share this with me, shoot me a reply and let me know. (and yes, this is the real Snez V, not AI, not ChatGPT, the real me).

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Snez V.


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