Want A Spoonful of Concrete?


You might not like me today. I can’t understand the sensitivity we now live in. I don’t get it. The number of people who can’t handle a hard word, can’t handle hard work, or can’t handle a hard situation is BEYOND my comprehension.

Some people cry over everything, call it depression or anxiety, and then do NOTHING but get those around them to give in to that poor you bulls$#t.

Let’s get real for a hot second. I’ve known people who have truly been abused and hurt by those closest to them. I’ve known people who have taken their life due to the mental battle they couldn’t overcome and left their families to live without them. Another was so restricted and mistreated that they did the same. I’ve known people who woke up one day and their mother got an infection and died within 24 hours. I’ve known people who were professional athletes, went to the Olympics then had to battle cancer. All of these people have managed to push through.

When you realize that there are a lot of people who suffer and have the STRENGTH to overcome you realize that your situation isn’t actually that bad, that you are just too weakand you need to address your inner sense of self. Don’t get all butthurt on that. I say you’re weak from a place of care. I say it because I think stronger people need to be out there. But with a lack of perspective, there can’t be.

We hear a lot of the “I am healing” thing going on. I often wonder if some are healing from the lady at Starbucks that got your order wrong and you had to wait an extra 10 minutes with threw off your road to Disneyland.

The point here is to get a better perspective. There are people fighting battles, and they are actually strengthening themselves to overcome them. There are people who are healing from ACTUAL trauma and they are overcoming that. There are people who are trying, putting in the effort, the consistency in that.

STRENGTHEN YOURSELF. Harden up a little, you can still have a soft heart, and you can still have compassion, understanding, and some things that bother you, but overall, grab a spoon, head to the nearest sidewalk, and take a spoonful of concrete. You will develop toughness unlike any other.

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