That’s Not Good Enough


We have all been there. In that place of “I don’t want to today”. That day when it all feels wrong but ultimately when we step back and reflect, it really wasn’t all that wrong.

Most people can’t get control of their heads. They think in circles, they stay in the same funk and don’t get out of it. No matter how bad it got for me, I still did what I needed to do. I still showed up and did what I am responsible for. I know that most don’t have that same level of discipline, but I wasn’t born with it, it was developed. Honestly, it was the coaches and people in my life that helped me develop it.

At the bare minimum, if you aren’t going to show up for yourself, then you should for someone else. Reliable people do that. Unreliable people don’t. You can’t ever expect anyone to come to you when you are that person who only does things when you “feel like it”. Notice what others say about you and what they think, and before you get mad at them, think about WHY. Why do people think you are unreliable? Why do people not come to you often? I’ll tell you, you are not a dependable person. You show up OCCASIONALLY. That is not good enough

I share this with you to encourage you to show up. To encourage you to overcome some of the aspects that you struggle with, to think past them, and elevate ABOVE the problem. When you do this you can easily see why your problems are not real problems, they are minor hurdles.

Be real with all this. When you wake up, you are in control of what you think about and what you do. Reach out to people who are motivators, who inspire. Who can help you get out of that funk. If you stay low, you can expect to feel low.


Act your way into a better state.

Snez V.

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