Tell Me Your Fears, I’ll Tell You Your Limits


We all set up this upper limit. That glass ceiling that stops us from reaching our full potential.

You know what I’m talking about, basically, you tell me what you FEAR and I’ll tell you where your limits are.

Ever wonder what your world would be like if you were more fearless? What it would be like if you weren’t so scared to have that body you have always wanted? Without one fearful thought of what anyone would think. What it would be like if you weren’t so scared of removing those people in your life that don’t align with your value without one fearful thought of what it would be like without them? Ever wonder what your life would be like if you ACTUALLY pursued your goals and took the risks to make it happen?

So many what if’s! Yet, it is all a choice. Now, let’s not get mistaken here, I am fully aware that you have responsibilities, you have commitments. But when you take hold of your life, you are actually better for all of those.

See here is the issue, you are the PROBLEM. You are also the SOLUTION to that. When you let all these fears dictate it all for you, you are ultimately saying this isn’t important enough and it doesn’t hurt enough to change it. What does that mean? All the comments, the habits, the consistent nags, the annoying looks, and the frustrating feelings DONT’T HURT ENOUGH.

Because when they do, you make the ultimate promise to yourself, that promise is that you will change. That is the ultimate promise you can make to yourself FOR yourself.


I spoke all about this and my own experience in today’s podcast:


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You are ONE DECISION AWAY from a different LIFE.

Snez V.

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