I Support You (Not)


How many times have you heard “I support you, of course, I care” Yet, when the actions call for it, it’s nowhere?

I have heard this time and time again in my life. Most of the time it sounds so believable. Most of the time you don’t want to think otherwise. But true love and support are shown, not told. You are shown through actions, what is done to support and love and care for what it is that matters to you.

I have heard it more often than not that friends will tell someone they are boring for not drinking yet say they support someone’s journey to better health. I’ve heard family tell people to live a little and relax when someone says no to the birthday cake yet they say they support the journey to better health. I’ve heard significant others say they support someone growing, sharing themselves on social media but yet barely like, comment, or engage on what they post and speak about. I’ve heard so many people say they care, say they support, but when it comes to showing up, can’t see them anywhere.

It’s the unfortunate truth that those closest to you will not be your biggest fan. They will be your harshest critic. They will do the most projecting and the most backlashing on you.

All of this has happened to me, and to be honest still does. The reality is that I won’t get the true support I want. This is where it’s up to me to focus on my goals, on what I want and I can choose who comes with me or who stays behind. While I understand some you can’t just leave, some you definitely can, even if it hurts a little to do so.

This is why I choose to be the biggest supporter. I love seeing people want more for themselves, I love seeing people want to grow. It brings me a lot of joy to watch people win. I can’t say I’m the biggest supporter of everyone. I don’t support laziness. I don’t support average minds, I don’t support low-level people who carry excuses.

I know you are reading this and you are a person who holds values, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be on my page, you wouldn’t be here. So I want to show you some extra support right here. Some of you I have met, I have come to know, some I haven’t. Regardless, I am your fan, I want you to win, I want the best for you for the greater good. So don’t stop, don’t give in, don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way. Continue your path, your journey, and stay above what tries to pull you down

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