Fake it Till You Make It, But You Don’t Actually Make It


What is your job? Seriously, what is your role and how long have you done it for? I want you to imagine that you’ve been in that role for 20 years. You know the ins and outs, you know it all perfectly.

Now, imagine that someone walks in on Day 1 and acts like they have your exact experience. On day one. I bet you think, it would bother the S*#t out of me, someone probably already does that now.

You cannot compare your 1 year to someone’s 20 years. That’s just how it goes. Wisdom comes with experience, not age. Trust me there are a lot of stupid adults out there.

I’m in a male-dominated industry. The size of your muscles, and the percentage of body fat dictates how good you are as a Coach. Isn’t that crazy? So what happens, is people who want to get into coaching, are pretty decent athletes, therefore, they think they can Coach. I can tell you now, in about 95% of cases the best athletes make the worst coaches.

Coaching is a whole different world. It’s a performance, every time you step in the arena. The arena could be you and a client. You and a class. You writing a program, a plan, whatever the arena is, it’s where you are either the step to someone’s success or, lack of success.

This is why I am careful with whom I choose to work with. If a client is not committed and all in, I know that the success rate will be low and therefore that reflects back on me. The same goes for classes I coach, if I don’t perform, I can’t expect the members to. If I write a half-assed plan, then we will get half-assed results. There are areas outside of my control which is the compliance of the clients and sometimes, life just gets in the way and they can’t stick to things 100%, but for the most part, they do.

I share this with you because as Coaches, we have the opportunity to change the world. One person at a time, we can create amazing change.

This is why I created the 6-week Coach-to-Coach program. To help coaches make a GREATER impact. Build themselves and offer more to those they work with. I have mentored all of my coaches and I have also mentored others. At one time I had 15 coaches from multiple locations improving their skills. The main reason why I love this is because I can help Coaches go to the next level which means they can help even more people.

So if you are a coach, doesn’t have to be in Fitness, it can be in Nutrition, in Sport, etc This is for you. Shoot me a reply and I can tell you more about the 6-week program for coaches to better their skills, build a bigger social following, and get more athletes to coach.


Snez V.

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