Is Enough, Enough?


I’ve helped people lose 10,20,30,40,70pounds. That is a lot of weight.

Not only do they lose weight, their life changes, they change. It gets a better sense of living. Everything becomes easier and more fulfilling. Ever wanted to go for a run with your dog but you can’t because you can’t run? Ever wanted to take your shirt off at the beach but can’t because you’re too embarrassed? Well, I’ve worked with that exact person.

Yesterday, one of my clients sent me her weight. She is down 12 lbs in 3 weeks. That is HUGE. She has followed the process. I remember when we started, she was skeptical because she had tried other coaches, she had tried other ways of doing it all, and none of them worked. I get it though, I’ve had some coaches who honestly did more damage with me than good. This is why I am committed to the results of people.

Now, I have run multiple challenges, and I have seen transformations also take place in a sense of strength, in a sense of mindset, and in a sense of energy. When we transform, we don’t necessarily only mean the image, we mean our entire life.

This is why I am launching my ultimate transformation challenge. It is set out for everyone, it’s going to be the best one yet. It’s for both people who come to the gym and also people who work out wherever they are.

The best part about this is that I will get to work with you, my team will as well and we will commit to your journey. The workouts come to you daily, there are 4 to choose from. Starting at bodyweight (no equipment required), to strength only, then bodybuilding style, and finally, CrossFit. You can do these anywhere you wish. They come with instructions and details on our fitness app.

I also provide you with your Nutrition Plan, which is your custom macros, your food list, and finally, the plan that will help you reach your goals.

The last piece, which is the best, is the weekly check-ins. This is critical to ensure we hold you accountable, we stay on track and we do this through a set day that you will check in on the progress of your transformation with us.

I honestly love leading with a strong presence, when I go on any journey with someone, I’m all in. I need them to WIN probably more than they do because my passion and fulfillment lie there. I won’t deny that when someone succeeds, the overwhelming joy I get is unlike any other.

So, here is your next step. CLICK HERE to check out all the info. Then secure your spot and we’ll get in touch with you on the next steps. It starts in 11 days. August the 21st.



Snez V.


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